We Call Walgett Home

We Call Walgett Home

Walgett  High School with Music Outback
Music & lyrics by: Michael, Marnea, Belinda, Miss Tanya Coelho & ‘Music Outback ‘ –
Michael Turner & Daniel ‘Triple Nip’ Pearson
(C) 2012 Music Outback Foundation

Verse 1

My name is Michael Ray
They call me Mickey all the girls wanna kick it right here with me
Cos I’m so fresh & so deadly rappin’
I moved away for a year but now I’m back in
To Walgett High yea I grew up in the Gate
And now I’m rhyming’ on the track here with my mate
We keep it goin’ & flowin’ over the beats
Showin’ ya heaps on the Walgett streets
Walgett peeps have our ups & downs
Runnin’ so fast never touch the ground
When I’m on the field I’m side-steppin’ around
Just too black just too proud
I spit it loud when I sing to the crowd
Get up in my way & ya gonna get ploughed
Nah I’m just bringing’ critical lyrical
Line after line like it’s biblical


We call Walgett home
We call Walgett home
We call Walgett home
Now gimme the microphone

Verse 2

My name is Manea you looking’ funnier
I’m cracking’ jokes in the studio this arvi bra
Known as Bob son I get the job done
I drop it on the One when they plain’ the drum
Got Mickey on the track here with me
Act all picky but I rap so sicky
The Gate’s where we’re liven’
Give em rhymin’ & rhythm
Good time whenever we kick in, it’s sick man
Think about it, what would you rather cruise with
Gettin’ in trouble or making some music
If you choose it the trouble is non stop
You’ll end up getting’ chased around by a cop
And I don’t want that I want a drum track
You got that I wanna spit a biota hot rap
Already been ready for any combat
But now I’m blowin’ ya mind on contact