Songs, Albums & Collections

Nearly every workshop generates a new song or three, and over time schools build up their own fantastic and unique repertoires.  The songs are performed at Mobfest and any other performance opportunities the schools may have, and are also recorded for long term enjoyment by the kids, schools and community.  Choose one of the collections below to listen for yourself!


Kaytetye Language and Culture Songs

A wonderful collection of Kaytetye language songs! ...More

Ti Tree 2

The long awaited sequel to Ti Tree School's first CD! Music written at Ti Tree from 2006 to 2015. ...More

Latest School Recordings

Hear the freshest tracks from our schools, both finished and in progress! ...More

Ti Tree School

Ti Tree School's first CD release - a number one hit on the community! ...More

Laramba School Compilation

Laramba School has a great collection of songs that have been written over the years. ...More

Utopia School

Utopia School's first CD release - a great collection of songs from all the Utopia homeland schools. ...More

Freedom to Dream

Freedom to Dream is an inspiring album from the kids of Yalata, Oak Valley, Koonibba and Ceduna. ...More


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