School Program Videos

Music Outback School Programs provide students with regular engagement in activities that inspire and educate.

Through songwriting, students can engage deeply in English and first language learning activities, developing content that is meaningful to them, and supporting community desires to work in the context of local language and culture.  Music activities encourage attendance at school, and can build important partnerships between schools and their communities.  They can also provide avenues of employment for community adults with music skills.

View this series of short videos to see Music Outback Foundation’s school programs in action!


Literacy & Numeracy

Songwriting is an excellent way to learn language skills in the classroom. ...More

Music based education – Core Business

With the power to engage and educate - music can work as Core Business in remote schools.

Encouraging Attendance

There's not much better at encouraging attendance than music!

Local Language & Culture

Music activities provide excellent opportunities to utilise local language & culture in class.

Training Indigenous Staff

Music Education provides employment opportunities on remote communities.

Meaningful Learning Opportunities

Meeting the needs of remote Indigenous kids with a contemporary vision!

Just like Talking Stories

An arts based culture needs arts based education...

Building Partnerships

Community involvement with school based activities are vital to remote education. ...More


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