Music Video Clips

Kids and community all enjoy making music videos based on their songs, and MOF facilitators enjoy it just as much!   Check out the songs below, a growing collection from across MOF programs.


Music Outback Foundation – What We Do

Here's a short introduction to who we are and what we do, working with remote Indigenous communities around Australia! ...More

Paint Our Skin – Ti Tree School with Community Elders

A beautiful song and video that celebrates the body art culture of Ti Tree area. Still going strong!

Koori Angels by Walgett Warriors

Produced during Music Outback Foundation workshop in August 2012 by Michael Turner & Shayne Johnson at Walgett High School ...More

Cool Rules

A great new video by the Walgett Primary school crew! ...More

Kickin Chillin Dreamin by Walgett Warriors

A great new video by the Walgett Warriors ...More

Wash ’em! – Mt Allen School

An important health song from Yeulamu community about keeping face and hands clean. Made in partnership with NT Health.

I Wanna Play Drummer!! Laramba Juniors

Every child's dream... to be the drummer! (though guitar is pretty fun too!)

Ooh Brusha Brusha! – Ti Tree Juniors

Ooh Brusha Brusha is a fun way for kids to remember to keep those teeth and ears clean!

Arnang Riketer – Laramba School

Arnang Riketer - looking for bush medicine! Elder's share their knowledge

Desert Culture Song – Laramba Women’s class

A cool hip hop number by the Laramba senior women's class - talking 'bout their desert culture....

Juka Manu Jira – Ti Tree School

Juka Manu Jira - (Sugar and fat) - Yampira!! (leave it!!)

Going Away – Laramba Men’s class

Going Away - Laramba senior fellas celebrate the road trip - Everyone loves a road trip!!

Yani-rlipa Wirlinyi – Ti Tree Upper Primary

Feeling hungry? Let's go hunting!!!

Stronger!! – Ti Tree Upper Primary

Keep eating well, excercise, and get... STRONGER!!!

Dictionary Song – Ti Tree School

This song celebrates the launch of the Anmatyerr language dictionary!

Kwatje Angerr Petyem – Laramba Upper Primary

Kwatje Angerr Petyem - There's a big rain coming!


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