Kickin Chillin Dreamin

Kickin’ Chillin’ Dreamin’

Walgett  High School with Music Outback
Music & lyrics by: Tyson, Damo, Nick, Deb, Geoffrey, Miss Tanya Coelho  & ‘Music Outback ‘ –
Michael Turner & Duke Bailey
(C) 2012 Music Outback Foundation

Verse 1-4

Walking the streets kickin’ a beat
On my way to the court oh yeah that’s me
Got the ball in my hand that’s the plan
Not a worry in the world do you understand

Always up for a challenge, all round talent
Born with light feet but I gotta keep balance
Like Mike you can bow for Tyson
Set like the sun on a gold horizon

Walking the streets kickin’ a beat
Got the snare in my head to the sound of my feet
I tap the table to the sound of the toms
I burn these beats like a CD-Rom

Lived all my life without the strife
These beats are so sharp they cut like a knife
Got Duke right here busting all these rhymes
We pass the mic just to pass the time


And we’re kickin’ back
Like there’s nothing else to do
And we’re kickin’ back
Like it’s Friday afternoon

Verses 5-6

Walking the streets kickin’ a beat
Guitar on my back ah yeah that’s me
I strum to the drums till the break of dawn
Never dull on the track won’t make you yawn

The clock strikes four and I’m off to work
I been doing it big since the day of my birth
I’ll always be this way never gonna change
I give it all for the wealth and the fame

Chorus: (as above)

Verses 7-10

Walking the streets kickin’ a beat
No cares, no worries ah yeah that’s me
I’m coming from the heart if you know what i mean
Just kick back, relax like ya living the dream

Coz’ behind the scenes it ain’t what it seems
We turn to god when life gets mean
Life or death what’s in between
I don’t really know but I’m keen to see

Walking the streets kickin’ a beat
Playing footy with the boys ahh you know me
Got the girls at my feet the world to defeat
No baby steps we doing hurdles and leaps

Boys at my side and were ready to collide
From the mike to the bike that’s how i ride
Young, black and deadly I sing it with pride
They call it black magic when I’m bringin’ the vibe