Here We Come Now

Here We Come Now

Brewarrina Central School with Music Outback
Music & lyrics by: Brewarrina kids  & ‘Music Outback ‘ –
Edwina Donald & Daniel ‘Triple Nip’ Pearson
(C) 2012 Music Outback Foundation

Verse 1

I wanna go hang glidin’, sky divin’
Scuba divin’ and motorbike ridin’
I wanna do something fun
Whether it’s out in the snow or the sun
River or the ocean a magic potion
Don’t forget a bit’o sunscreen lotion
Comin’ outta Bre you know that we
Chuck backflips off the Bundy tree


Here we come now
Bust this here in front of the crowd
Here we come now
Havin’ a good time when we’re bustin’ out
Here we come now
Put me in a plane and I’m jumpin’ out
Here we come now
With a parachute no doubt

Verse 2

Back on the mic and we’re sayin’ we like
Doin’ mad things in the day or the night
Might need a spot light but ya know I drop tight
Rhymes when ever I’m grippin’ the hot mic
I’m ‘a travel the world while I do this
That’d be the coolest I’d be a tourist
Travel around checkin’ out a new town
New sound every time I touch down

Verse 3

On the plane and I do it again
I got a mad rhyme goin’ in the back o’ my brain
Snow board off jumps insane
Wingsuit down off the top of a crane
Land on a train no I can’t be tamed
Slip and I’ve got a grapple hook and a chain
Climb back up swing to the mack truck
Act tough and ya gonna get rapped up

Chorus: (as above)