Christmas Is Coming

Ti Tree School / Music Outback
“Lakinar Nwerna School-warn Petyem”

Christmas is coming
(Seraphina Presley, Middle Years class
& Music Outback: Seini ‘SistaNative’ Taumoepeau & Mal Webb)

Christmas is coming   
It’s just around the corner
It’s time to celebrate
Let’s all decorate the school
Wrapping up the presents
Cooking in the kitchen
Families come together
At Christmas Time

Verse: 1
Act out the nativity
Joseph with Mary on a donkey
Waking the shepherds, Angels sing HALLELUJAH
3 Wise Men bearing gifts
Follow the Shining Star
In Bethlehem
Mary gave birth to Jesus

Verse: 2
Think of what we’ve done all year
Gets us feeling, so excited
Teachers award us, feel the joy HALLELUJAH
Santa comes bearing gifts
HO HO HO Ring the bell
Now, everything’s ready for Ti Tree Christmas

Chorus: C | C | F G | F G | C | C | F G | 2/4 FG | C | C |
Verse: Bb | C | Bb | C C7 | F | Bb | F  Em | Dm G7 |


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