Happy Birthday Ti Tree

Ti Tree School / Music Outback
“Lakinar Nwerna School-warn Petyem”


Happy Birthday Ti Tree
(Ti Tree students 2009 & Music Outback: Steve Berry & Mal Webb)

D            G                            C
1969, a man walked on the moon
Ti Tree said, “we wanna have a school,
G                                        C
We wanna have a school soon”
D                                           G                    C
6 silver bullet caravans came up from Alice Springs
With teachers, blackboards, books and pens
G                            C
And lots of other things

F                        C            Bb        Gm
Happy Birthday Ti Tree, 40 years today
F                        C            Bb                                A7
Happy Birthday Ti Tree, we’ve all come a long way

Verse 2:
Our parents and our grandparents
G                            C
Learnt to read and write
Listened to their teachers
G                        C
Until they got it right
They wanted bigger classrooms
G                        C
But they had to wait
D                                                          G   C
Until they built a brand new school in 1978

Chorus x2


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