Ti Tree 2 – Zania

Ti Tree School / Music Outback
“Lakinar Nwerna School-warn Petyem”

(Ti Tree Upper Primary Class & Music Outback: Jacqueline Freeman & Mal Webb 2011)

C        F
Zania Zania
C                                      G
You’ve made us all much brainier
       C                            G         Am
We wish that you were staying here…
Bb  F  C  Bb  F  C  Bb  F  C
Zania…… Zania….. Zania

You bring us treats we like to eat
C                          F
Help us when we cut our feet
Drive the bus far down the street
C                         F
When we go out bush
You’ve been here such a long long time
       C                         F
We love the way you make us shine
We’re sad you’re gone, but we’ll be fine
        F               G
And just a little crazier. Crazier crazier.. aaaahhh!


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