School’s Expression of Interest

We are now in the process of planning our 2013 year, so if you are a new school or have been with us before, now is the time to register your interest. This page has some important information about the Schools Program as well as how to register your school. All expressions of interest must be received by October 31, 2012.

2013 ProgramClick here!

Click on the link above for an overview of the organisation and the programs that we run, and check out the video below.

Music Education in Remote Schools












 2013 Expression of Interest (link)

The link above will take you to an web-based survey where you can register your school’s details. We will then contact you directly to discuss planning and scheduling for 2013. Please note, completing the Expression of Interest does not commit your school for 2013 – it just gets the communication ball rolling.

Expressions of Interest will close on Wednesday October 31, 2012.


1. Does the Expression of Interest commit our school to participating?  Absolutely not – it’s just the first step in us talking to you

2. How much will it cost?  Each school is going to be slightly different depending on travel costs for our facilitators. We’re happy to talk these issues through with you once an Expression of Interest has been received.

3. Do we have to partner up with another school? No, however, by partnering up with nearby schools, we can reduce the cost of travel.

If you have any other questions at all about the Music Outback Schools Program, please contact the Schools Program Manager on 03 3926 7518 or email